tortoise shell & pomegranate Kashmir


CASHMERE comes from a goat

100% Cashmere

I have been kicked out of school again
for fornicating with the dumb
Where I roll with dogs on high instinct
celebrate the four footed feel of the earth
Cambridge graduates have discovered that goats
can recognise faces and facial expressions
I can’t believe how stupid our brightest are
enlightening in reverse as they proceed
The I-Ching told us three thousand year ago
what where and how the yarrow sticks fall
Sending up shapeless smoke signals
that melt as soon as they are known
So I fall foul of misunderstanding everything
while knowing this spider needs a home
And changing my entire day for a broken wing
or a kitten who simply got abandoned
I would rather any day slave myself
to the unpredictable totally random.
Patrick O’Neill November 10th 201727/11/2017, 10:56


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